Saturday Randomosity

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More tomorrow or Monday on Montserrat...In other news:

I think I'm finally breaking in that old tinfoil hat.

Seriously, this is fucked. But it proves nothing to the wingnuts. They still want to boil you in oil if you actually have the temerity to refuse to give BushCo. the benefit of the doubt after all these lies...

Pretty, pretty! "The Gates" opens in central park..."It's a waste of money, but it's fabulous," said student Shakana Jayson. "It brings happiness when you look at it." [Emphasis mine, New Yorkerism in the original]

After a close call, FINA in Montreal is back on! And the host with the most? Alexandre Despatie, naturellement!


Saturday Night Lame: The girl on SNL who's supposed to look like Michael Jackson really just looks like a low-budget version of Darth Rosenberg from BtVS, Season 6. Sad, not funny.

More later, if I feel like it. Meh.

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