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It's a given that, next to scent, music is probably the best aid to memory, fishing out recollections of times and feelings we were sure we'd forgotten. What's less of a given, but what I've found to be just as true -- at least for me -- is that music can bring up non-contemporaneous associations; specifically, a song can come along and remind you of something that happened long before it had ever been written. With that in mind, and without further ado, here's my top 10 list for today:

1. "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)," The Arcade Fire: Walking under the Duboce overpass en route to the Eagle one Thursday midnight, drunk, with an equally inebriated waiter friend. He was a big queen and ran from the shopping cart encampment...

2. "LL-Love," Astaire: Rifling through vintage T-shirts at American Rag in the Spring of '97. For some reason they remind me of that first Cardigans album...

3. "DUI," Har Mar Superstar: Mad stoopid; Jackson 5 flashbacks...

4. "Ladyflash," The Go! Team: I dance to it while doing the dishes; I'm wearing nothing but white lipstick...

5. "T.K.O.," Le Tigre: Lordy, lordy I sho' miss Thekla

6. "Club Foot," Kasabian: Compellingly annoying, like a mosquito bite, or a night at Badlands

7. "The Stars of Track and Field," Belle & Sebastian: Anything by them reminds me of Alan -- I've no idea why! Hi Alan!

8. "Strange Design," Midnight Movies: Catching a screening at the Castro Theatre (my first!) of Barbarella in 1996.

9. "Coin Operated Boy," The Dresden Dolls: a) Their name has a creepy Slaughterhouse 5 association for me, b) the lead singer's voice reminds me of Elizabeth Rohm's (she plays the liberal caricature on L&O), and c) I'm sure this number seems perfect to too many green-ass junior trannies.

10. "Non Photo-Blue," Pinback: I'm 16, sharing a Blizzard at Dairy Queen with Mom.

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