"I Hate Whites Day; The Bleach Smell Makes Me Nauseous"

Ore : 9:52 AM

"Gee-gosh-golly-willikers, Mr. Dobson! They allow women at Promise Keeper rallies now? Talk about progressive!"

BTC News gives us a worm's eye view of yet another story in which the Bush Administration gives us yet more bloated bodies floating down America's streets...

Americablog gives us an example of freedom -- Bush style!

So remember, folks, be sure to walk in an orderly manner within the Freedom Cordon and use the bathroom before you come -- otherwise, you'll have to register and submit to retinal scan before you can use the Liberty Trough and take a Freedom Piss!

UPDATED: To add the good Rev. Mykeru's priceless discovery that at this Freedom Walk, enlistment forms:wingnuts::garlic:vampires. Gonzo documentary, attack!

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