Great. He's Posable. All Better.

Ore : 9:27 AM

From DailyKos and Think Progress:

I couldn't watch more than four minutes of his cartoonish pantomime gestures on CSPAN...Big retarded arm sweeps and poses accompanying each empty phrase and hollow bromide and self-congratulatory smirk.

But at least the base is finally getting their red meat: it took a while, but his handlers finally (a dollar short and a day late, natch) wheel out the prez his worshippers know and love, the strutting, flight-suited, brush-clearing, codpiece-wearing Action McLeader who is every right-winger's repressed homoerotic fantasy made flesh.

Great show, jackasses. I wonder how many more babies died of starvation and dehydration at the convention center while that ninny bloviated?

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He's such a pathetic excuse for a President. I still can't understand how he actually got elected last year.

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