Mee-shell, My Fascist Michelle...

Ore : 12:10 PM

"Captain, I believe she's hiding something..."

Steve Gilliard's gotz da skillz ta pay da billz. Now stick that shiv in and twiiiist...

Now I wonder what side her Filipino relatives fought on? Were they collaborators with the Japanese? Huk rebels? Supported MacArthur? I mean, she's been awfully silent about getting benefits for Filipinos who fought with the US Army in WWII. I mean, this is a big issue within the US Filipino community. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she has been an advocate for these people. But if not, might the reason be that her relatives were working for the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, like Marcos did, then lied about it Or maybe they were communist rebels? Who knows?

Hear, hear. It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

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Comments for Mee-shell, My Fascist Michelle...
Why don't you ask her. You would not be afraid, would you?

Absolutely terrified: I hear her husband is an unstable Ferengi who works for RAND.

thanks for the link. but why don't you write and ask her about her parents? you're brave enough to slander her.

I love the Troi. "I can't even tell that I'm useless on this ship and that the whole crew wants to bone me, what were you saying Capt Picard?"

Not as useless as Worf. Dude, how do you have a job, the ship gets boarded every single week.

xspeak: *blink, blink* Moi? Slander? Not at all! Just perfectly responsible speculative questions, a la Peggy "Crazy Jeezus Lady" Noonan.

Furthermore, as Michelle has not deigned to comment in her own defense, can we all safely assume she has something to hide? < /wingnut>

Pinko Punko: But thank goodness it was all really on the holodeck, and precocious Wesley was there to save the day!

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