Paging Dr. Carothers, Dr. J.C. Carothers to Interrogation...

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Quick note: Sorry for the long absence, but writing is a bitch. I've been told it's a resource that grows in quantity and quality the more one does it. But lately I've been feeling like it's rather non-renewable, and that I've somehow reached the end of my stores...Ah, well.

Doctors enabling torture: Wow, I really don't know what to say to this. There were reports of this happening at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, but which were quickly swept under the Laci/Jacko/Prof. Churchill rug by our Holy Corporate Media. But now, it looks like the scandal has renewed currency (via the Toronto Star):

Medical records compiled by doctors caring for prisoners at the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay are being tapped to design more effective interrogation techniques, says an explosive new report.

I'm going to avoid invoking Godwin's Law, and just let y'all chew on the examples of, say, Chile or Mau Mau Prison.

If the American Medical Association had even an iota of sac, they'd convene especially for the purpose of condemning doctors who enable torture or who follow any orders that require them to ignore their Hippocratic Oath. Any health care professional complicit in this kind of behavior needs to have his or her medical license revoked.

Hey, check that out! There's an AMA link up there. Well I'll be. Why don't you write them, like I did?

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Comments for Paging Dr. Carothers, Dr. J.C. Carothers to Interrogation...
I think pretty soon most analogies will be unusable, it will be a race to the end of the evil analogy list. You just crossed off Mau Mau (although in that case, the Brits were the bad guys), soon the only thing left will be when "that one kid too a magnifying glass to all those ants."

I forget who, but there's this guy who's a holocaust survivor who said he doesn't make holocaust & nazi analogies.

I'm inclined to agree: I think atrocities tend to stand on their own quite well without comparisons, no matter how well considered or intentioned.

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