"Arnold for President...of Austria"

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Just so you know, Wednesday was awesome. There were easily 10,000 or more teachers, state workers, nurses, firefighters, cops and more all kicking the Governator's butt to kingdom come. Those of you who watched KCRA at 5:00 might have gotten a taste of the media lowball vs. reality when Dan Shively in the helicopter dropped some mad science on the smug Walt Gray's oily pate.

Why we were protesting:

  • *Arnie's petty power grab by way of special elections that will cost Cali $70 million that could obviously be better used to help our schools or infrastructure...Or even (gasp!) to help pay back all those millions he borrowed from teachers' pensions.

  • *The governator consistently screws over the public sector to line his fatcat friends' pockets. He says he supports Main Street, but robs Main Street to subsidize Wall Street.


  • *Oh, and knock off the neverending fundraising and get back to the job we elected you to do. Unless you're going to turn over those millions you've raised to improve our healthcare, our roads, and our schools.

Some of My Favorite Signs: Mine was a simple little "California's future is not for sale!"; I marched with the CSEA blue-shirts (go classifieds!). Some were straightforward: "3rd Graders are My Special Interest" (she was an old lady, so no snickering, no Jacko jokes, please), "Educators are Real Action Heroes." Others were more clever: "Terminate the Terminator," "Quit Groping Our Schools!," "Arnold for President...of Austria!"

There was lots of creativity, lots of positive energy, and lots of really hot firefighters. And quite a few of the capitol staffers came to the windows to show their support! It was a wonderful experience, and we've been getting quite a lot of evening news coverage (very smart to do it on a Wednesday, come to think of it...)

Sorry to keep rambling. Just wanted to thank any and all Kossacks who were there, and the groups I spotted personally who I can remember off the top of my head:

CSEA, CWA, Fresno Firefighters, NEA, CTA, and many many more. Good work folks.

Solidarity rocks!

See the yellow circle? That's me!

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Comments for "Arnold for President...of Austria"
I never understood why anyone would want him in office. I'm just glad he's not in my state (no offense!).

Hey, I voted against the recall.

Oh, and his latest gaffe: He told reporters something to the effect that "all those protesters were paid by the union to be there."

That bonehead doesn't even understand how organized labor works.

I'm waiting for my fucking paycheck.

"all protestors were paid by the union" ????what the fuck with a capital FUCK??
Seriously isnt there some sort of test they give these political candidates before they allow their asses into office? Whether it be Bushy, Cheney, Gore, Arnie, Dondy whoever..there should eb a test administered..i even volunteer to help out, i dub it" The test of all things dumb assed" or "I have at least .5 of a brain..vote for me!!"
Ha..if all protestors were paid by unions, my ass would be rich now..cha ching..gimme my cash biyaatch.
Glad to hear you went out in protest Teh..Hope you are well
  • Posted at 2:52 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

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