Damn, I Guess the '80s Really Are Back...

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One of my fondest and most politically incendiary childhood memories is of watching, with my grandmother, many high and mighty Republican mucketymucks squirm and squirm during the Iran/Contra hearings.

A couple of glancing blows were meted out on behalf of democracy, and America, and we got to see Ollie North brought low (albeit temporarily) for being the traitor that he is.

Unfortunately, the hearings never did yield enough meat for my taste. And many of the men who should have fallen on the sword that skewered Cousin Oliver got to live to grift another day.

As DailyKos diarist Jim Riggs points out, that day may be today. Too many stories have been coming out lately that cite U.S. military being caught involved in (gasp!) coke smuggling. And of course, there's Negroponte, as wiley and kicking as ever, apparently up to his old tricks.

Go read "'There's Something's Happening Here'," read the links contained therein, and decide for yourself if we should expect to see an encore performance of Reagan's "I Don't Recall" by the infamous Uncurious George come 2007...

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