Do We Have To Check The Closet, Condi?

Ore : 9:18 AM

Some of us, when we were kids, sometimes used to cheat when cleaning our rooms: we'd shove stuff under the bed, haphazardly pile sundries in the closet, sweep crud under the rug. It's a habit Condoleeza Rice, in keeping with the immature nature of the Bush White House, has failed to grow out of. See, when the numbers in the annual terrorism report turned out to be rather PR-unfriendly, instead of being offered candor, we are yet again offered Condi.

Specifically, she decided to dump the report altogether.

And the ever-intrepid corporate media, being the good parental units that they are, have declined to check in the closets or under the bed. I suppose I understand: Condi has such a stellar track record, why shouldn't they give her the benefit of the doubt?

(Thanks to SusanHu at Booman Tribune. You are a peach, Susan!)


In other news, Kasabian is music for stinky, obnoxious assholes by stinky, obnoxious assholes.

There, I said it.

UPDATE: I was wrong to rag on Kasabian without offering a better alternative. So here: The Raveonettes' Love In A Trashcan is fun and reminds me of that time I felt up that hot, greasy, rockabilly poser guy at Zeitgeist back in '97.

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