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It's that time again: The AFA (link not safe for the only marginally sane) are yet again up to their old nutball trick of flooding a company with phone calls and e-mails to protest yet another bete noir of the American Taliban. What is it this time? Why, Kraft and its sponsorship of the 2005 Gay Games, of course!

What can you do? Phone (1-800-323-0768) or e-mail Kraft your words of support for their policy and thanks for their progressive stance. You may not like Velveeta -- you may even roll your eyes at the Gay Games (I'm looking at you, Gay Shame!) -- but this is a matter of principle.

Also, from all I can gather, phone calls are more effective than e-mailing, but feel free to do both. I did, and my waistline shrunk two sizes and my skin is more glowing than it was when I was 16!

Okay, not really...

(Thanks to JamesB3 at DailyKos. Thanks, James!)

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I do not think so.

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