Crap, I Really Don't Want This To Be True...

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Yes, I ever-so-briefly thought it creepily convenient that Marla Ruzicka was killed by a carbomb just as she had been uncovering information on the killings of Iraqi civilians. Right away I brushed any suspicions off as symptomatic of the heightened level of paranoia this administration seems to require Americans to feel these days. I never gave it another thought...

...Until I read Riverbend's latest post, in which, a few paragraphs down, she alludes to rumors that have apparently been floating around Iraq for quite some time -- rumors that, in many cases, the rash of carbombings that have been plaguing Iraq are actually being conducted by local patsies for the U.S. And now there's this from the CBC.

And I've got that same sinking feeling all over again. The one I had when I first heard about abuses in Guantanamo Bay and other detention facilities -- long, long before Hersh's Abu Ghraib story broke.

I really don't want this to be true. But it's a sad day when, thanks to this administration's track record to date, I can't bring myself to put it past them.

Of course, the first question that could come to any skeptically minded person is "Why would they do this?" To believe these rumors, one would have to first believe that the White House is best served by a perpetuation of chaos in the area -- that they would most definitely not be well served if all factions in Iraq could put aside their differences long enough to unanimously oppose American occupation.

Regardless, I suppose it doesn't really matter whether or not it's true, or whether or not we believe it. Due to America's storied past in the region, BushCo.'s scoreboard vis a vis the truth, and the current war in Iraq, most people in the Middle East are predisposed to believe warnings like these (also in Arabic) without reservation. Meaning that Bush's ostensible reasons for being there -- spreading democracy and freedom, blah-blah-blah -- will automatically become that much harder to achieve.

I'll be keeping an eye on Juan Cole to see what's up. He's always a good go-to guy for this kind of stuff...

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