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Ore : 10:41 AM

This is second only to a certain walk of shame (which shall for now remain unrecounted) among the gayest things I've ever done:

Quizilla Friday: Which Incarnation of Joan Crawford Are You?

You are Beth Austin (This Woman is Dangerous)-- You
are a stylish dame with a stylish name. You
live by jungle law in a big city and claw your
way to the top! You live a life of crime and
gangsters. You fell in love with a crook and
have been trying to help him.

Which incarnation of Joan Crawford are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Needless to say, you'd better watch your step, Christina...You ungrateful little bitch!

(Thanks to Jeff at "Here's one..." for the heads-up)

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Comments for OMG!!! teh g4yZ!!!
i got flamingo road....which was the one where she bakes the cookies and her daughter's sleeping around with the older guy and she turns around and screeeeeches her name in a way that messes with your head?

Ummm...Was it Mildred Pierce? They left out a few on that quiz...I would like to have been pegged as her character from Strait-Jacket

I got "Flamingo Road," too.

Yeah, Mildred Pierce was the one where she makes a fortune doing the Marie Callendar thing and baking pies (not cookies) and her daughter winds up banging her boyfriend.

A rare moment of Joan Crawford vulnerability, that.

Thanks, Vestal. I was 80% sure, but you cinched it. Damn shoddy memory...

"A rare moment of Joan Crawford vulnerability, that."

Competing only with her glow of fragile, put-upon innocence in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Ha! Scuttlebut is, she and Bette practically killed each other during the shoot...

He he. I wouldn't doubt it. Both very very scary women . . .

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