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1. Holla: Sacramento was awesome. Don't believe anyone who said there were only few hundred folks there; there were easily 10-12,000. And we kicked ass. Oh, and the firefighters were hot! More on the anti-Governator rally later...

2. Nifty Science: Apparently, humans have clusters of cells in their brains known as mirror neurons, which enable empathy and the ability to put oneself in another's shoes. Damage or deficiency among these mirror neurons may explain autism. An almost complete lack of these neurons may explain sociopathy and Republicanism.

3. Right Wing Hatery: Some hella ignant bitch-asses in Durham, NC, have decided it was high time to burn some crosses (shout-out to pamindurham for the heads-up). A couple on people's private property, one at an Episcopalian church that was known for being gay friendly. Now, I know some of you are thinking "well, it is North Carolina, after all." Apparently, though, Durham is a pretty "blue" town, and the mayor says he hasn't seen this sort of thing since '68...I wonder if PlanetOut News can make hay of this?

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"An almost complete lack of these neurons may explain sociopathy and Republicanism."

Well put. :)

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