What An Asshole

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Just a quick note to back up something briefly mentioned in an earlier comment:

"The governor, asked Thursday whether the stealth schedule suggested he has been bothered by his vocal opponents, blithely dismissed them, saying most 'are paid by the unions to protest.'" San Francisco Chronicle

Wait a minute. This guy says he grew up around socialism but he has no fucking clue how organized labor operates?

Maybe the steroids have impaired his cognitive functions: Arnold, we pay unions. They don't pay us.

Hey Texas, Florida, somebody...Want a new governor?

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No, thanks. He's all yours. We have lovely George Pataki to deal with.

i don't know about what you hear teh, but outside of ca, arnold is sold to the rest of the country as a socially liberal republican, that he could be the chosen one, who will bring the republican party back into balance (sorry. i had to...)
what i can never figure out is just how his centrist fans reconcile squeezing the public sector and mortgaging the state's future with "social liberalism."

Easy. He throws the occasional bone to the gay community (sorry, couldn't resist ;P), minorities, and other groups most often represented by the left, thereby maintaining the illusion that he's socially liberal.

The centrists are satisfied with the very light socially liberal veneer, and don't mind or realize that he's dead opposed to unions, works against the interests of working people, and is more than willing to sell out our fair state to the highest bidder. Those are things for California's left to take issue with.

That said, his dip in popularity can in part be credited to many centrists waking up and seeing in him what lefty democrats and greens have been seeing all along.

I've been living in Texas for 3 years. As a democrat this has been difficult enough. George Senior, George Junior, Kenneth Lay...I think I've had enough. If you send Arnold this way, I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to hunt you down.

Oh, fine. Maybe we can send him to Florida. He'd be a breath of fresh air after Jeb...

Mmmm... if none of you want him, I'll take him! LOL
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Once again, I think this is a case of us liberals being too nice. Here we have a governator that has groped women in the past, has business ties to profiteers, and has callous disregard for teachers and other public sector employees.

Yet, the media and liberals across the country are too nice to call him on it. All in the interest of wooing the mythical middle of the political road American. Let me tell you something ... that person doesn't exist. Or if they do, they are covert Republicans trying to fukc up polls. I am glad that Californians are finally rising up to kick some a$$.

Now we have to do the same in Texas, Florida, and Maryland (kick some toupe-wearing butt here in the Line State).

Charlie: take him, please put him in a sling.

Richard: You guys did give us John Waters, so it's all good. The universe does require balance, after all.

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