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I am (respectively) hot and bothered for the gorgeous and talented Sufjan Stevens.


He really plucks my banjo, if you know what I mean, and I think you don't...

Hot links (pass 'em around):

Asthmatic Kitty
- The self-important weenies at Pitchfork Media deign to review "
Come on! Feel the Illinoise!"
- Since you've all been such dear lambs, here's a
recent interview with the ingenious Stevens, courtesy of Gapers Block.

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Comments for Newsflash
Yummy. He's like that guy from Dashboard, but with a better attitude.

And much, much, much more talent and intelligence.

indie queens! indie queens!

You bet your sweet bippy.

I tend to go that way, but... um... he's a handsome young man and seems to be well-mannered.

I approve?

I tend to NOT go that way, I meant.

Oh, maybe I didn't.

Maybe posting here has led me to an amazing and surprising self-discovery.

He IS yummy!

(I feel pretty)


The Dutchman is flying...

Dutchman, I think the term is "Homersexual": everyday straight guy who occasionally just flames out.

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