Robertson Issues Fatwa

Ore : 3:37 PM

Pat is insane. In other news, dogs eat feces.

Forget for a moment that the coup in question can only be "popular" in nature if you define popular as being supported exclusively by the upper-crust right wing of a country. Forget that Islam has nothing to do with Chavez's regime.

I've long harbored the suspicion that we're just seeing a crusade for the 21st century, with DU slugs instead of catapults, VX gas in the place of plague corpses-as-bombs. And we secular schmucks who get caught in the middle would do well to side with neither the "radical Christianists" nor the "radical Islamists." Let's look out for each other, and make sure that when the crazies go after each other, they leave us the hell alone.

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Comments for Robertson Issues Fatwa
not me. i figure we're staring down the barrel of at least a solid five years of hot n' reactionary hook ups.

per arrested development: "oh dexter, take me to your secular world..!"

"Ha!"< /krabapple> Good luck with that ;).

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