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I would never have thought of giving It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Thurs. nights on FX) a second glance until I saw the scene with the adorable and massively chubby-inducing Chuckie D., Nazi raiment notwithstanding, chowing down on a banana: yes, the episode "Charlie Has Cancer." That would be the exact moment that basic cable, for the first time ever, gave me a granite-hard boner. Twisted, I know. This boy, IMHO, is the finest thing on prime-time basic cable.

See, I have this fantasy. It involves Prince and My Morning Jacket playing on the stereo, and many candles, and an outrageous amount of cocoa butter. And maybe a paddle. If you're lucky.

Now I'm addicted. The show, for a fan of the Amy Sedaris/Daily Show/Margaret Cho/Chris Rock kind of comedy (as I am), is only mildly amusing. And I sympathize with those Philadelphians who take issue with three cute young wisacres perpetuating their fair city's reputation for scuzziness. Regardless, whatever Sunny's deficiencies, Mr. Day's presence more than makes a watchable show impossible to tear myself away from.

Homina, homina, homina...

Though he may not exactly appreciate my fanly attentions, lets face it folks: good things* come in small packages**.

*My fat, throbbing knob.
**Charlie's cute, perky butt.

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Comments for Meet Charlie Day, BILF
intriguing. is it funnier or less funny

than arrested development

Less. But it's getting better. And like I said, Charlie makes it all worth it...

freedom camp: the blogosphere's lefty-tinted, x-rated answer to 'tiger beat'.

well, nc-17.

Ha! Tiger Beat my pulchritudinous backside -- you'll never see Aaron Carter sullying my corner of the interweb.

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