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When not harriedly yet smugly herding people unlike her into boxcars, Little Miss Maglalang attempts to write columns:

The courage of Rony Abovitz cannot be overstated.

But Michelle, ever the trooper, is up to the challenge.

The shock waves that have overwhelmed CNN started with a single blogger and reverberated worldwide. I agree with Rony Abovitz that there should be no joy in watching Eason Jordan's downfall. But there is certainly great, unadulterated satisfaction in seeing the collective efforts of the blogosphere--citizens and professional journalists among them--produce the one thing the MSM has for too long escaped in its walled-off world: accountability.

Cue the Carpenters music: We've Only Just Begun.

Continuing the free association, cue images of Miss Maglalang's body eating itself out of catastrophic hunger.

Go ahead, Michelle, treat yourself. You're on top of the world, looking down on creation...

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