Billary KKKlinton Spews Treason!!!

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This is so typical of Soros and other limousine libs. Now, that rapacious, lying Whitewater-rafting speck of Arkansas white trash is in on the game, trying to instigate class warfare and turn good, hard-working , salt-o'-the-earth red staters against innocent, equally hard-working CEOs and heirs. Silly liberals -- the only way to finance our glorious Operation Iraqi Freedom is to cut what little there that helps run our country -- not raise taxes!!!

I think it's very important that Americans understand... tax cuts are always popular, but about half of these tax cuts since 2001 have gone to people in my income group, the top 1 percent. I've gotten four tax cuts. They're responsible for this big structural deficit, and they're not going away, the deficits aren't. ~ The Horndog on CNN

Argh!!! Doesn't he understand that when you cut taxes on the wealthiest 2%, it oozes -- some might say "trickles" -- down to those lucky duckies who should mind their place and not dare demand any more than the table scraps real Americans deign to give them?

"Big Dog indeed...that is, if you 'mean,' by big dog -- Cerberus!!!" ~ Kaye Grogan

Just what is this traitorous liberal's problem? Doesn't he know that in speaking out this way, he's working against his own best interests? I say, that Demoncrat propaganda certainly is invidious!

Hey, KKKlinton, stop being a class traitor and pay a little attention to my friend here, the heroic Governor of California (who, incidentally, really knows how to treat women):

Don't be stupid
Be a smahty
Come und join
Zee Republican pahty

Consider that a warning. Next time you suggest that the rich pay their fair share so that the country that's been so good to them can run properly, we're unleashing our rock of abstinence and capitalism Sir Grover Norquist on you!

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