I'd Share A Foxhole With A Third-Level Troll

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But as the night progresses, instead of getting more social, they start sharing odd, guilty looks. Dave won't let me be alone with them, ever, to the point of waiting for me outside of the bathroom, so that he can pounce on me as soon as I've finished washing my hands. He's glued to my side - he says to protect me from their weirdness. I'm flattered, but point out that I'm sure I'll be fine - I've dealt with gamer weird before. We hang out with them more times, all at my instigation, over the next few months, and I really like them. They invite me to play D&D with them, which Dave sits in on. He rolls my dice for me. Seriously. I tell Dave that it's okay - he can go to his fucking ninjitsu class, or whatever, because I WILL BE FINE. So then Dave pulls out a real shocker: the DM, the funniest and most down-to-earth guy, Chris, is actually a convicted rapist. They hang out with him for old-times sake, but I should never, never be alone with him.

If you didn't catch this on Something Awful, read it now, faithful minions.

It's an unusually compelling and well-written story. I found the denouemont less than sparkling, but that may be because I spent the entire time vacillating between uncontrollable laughter and nausea. It's that good.

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