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Ore : 10:43 AM

* Whatever happened to Pop?

Listening Tour '06, biotches, coming to a dipshit near you. Because what better time than now for advice?

* Damn. Look how saucy
Iran is getting. I should really get out of my compound (stocked with Slim Jims and Twinkies for the coming race war!) more often...

* You know
they hate him only because he's black, right? Oil For Food my ass. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

* "
If not, someone should get on the stick." No Jonah, you should get on my stick. Learn how to think, you ninny.

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I worry about Pop. I read his bio and it seems he has had some significant health issues in his recent past.

I for one AM dying to know what he thinks.

I'm a little worried about PR, too. Not even a quick update. I have a Hope Chest song on my iPod.

I'm worried about Kofi Annan.

ABC WNT carried a report yesterday that was semi-critical of how often Annan mentioned President Truman.

Duh. He was speaking at the Truman Presidential Library. It was on the goddamned backdrop. And there was nothing wrong with what he said.

Pop's got a show in Feb. I think he checks his myspace page.


Pop is too busy being famous for us.

Maybe if we all publicly insult The Smiths and call Morrisey a dork, he will come out of hiding.

authoritaians always have to blame someone else, sorry Koffe, Media et al.

I wonder how it feels to be that weak? To have to follow, unable to make it on your own. Oh, dear leader, show us the way...

John Wayne is rolling over in his grave.

thanks Pinko.

so PR has gone all ghost ship on us. c'est la vie.

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