God I Love My Scanner

Ore : 6:24 PM

Just another day at the library... La-di-da-di-da... Oh, yeah, I guess these Juvenile non-fictions have been piling up. Time to do some shelving. Ho-hum...



Okay. Have a nice weekend, everybody. Happy Veterans Day and all that...

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Comments for God I Love My Scanner
Is the little football player whispering in his ear: "Kill the bitch. That cheating whore."?

Funny because someone mentioned Marcia Clark tome the other day.

Did you hear that a publishing house has asked him to write a "fictional" book relating how he "might" have killed her. (no joke)

Huh, I'll take milk, no juice please...

I love the Mary Tyler Moore font.

LOL @ fish!

Mommy, can I read with danger?

I guess I'm dating myself (because I'm probably the only one who thinks of this). Despite knowing full well what a scanner is--I bought Marc an HP scanner as a gift once and have used one at work--I still think of the radio receiver things for listening to police and such when I see that word. Actually, I should buy one. That would be fun!

The first read of this post made me think you maybe had a apolice scanner on... and there was maybe another chase.

fish: Yes.

AG: Maybe it was her brother, Gollum.

jason: What do you bet he goes for it.

elmo: Yes, but whose face would you like on the carton?

mr: It loves you.

dennis: No, but you may sleep over with Tori Spelling. DON'T QUESTION ME!

jess & mdhatter: I'm posting something else before this turns into a thread on ham radio.

Sweet poster, bro.

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