California News Anchor Haiku

Ore : 10:58 AM

Why the hell does blogger have such a problem with tables?

Terilyn Joe threw
tomatoes at the road crew.
Defrocked news diva!

Blonde 'do and bling-bling
glow like radioactive
candy. Les is more!

Cool Dennis Richmond:
snaggletooth with playboy purr.
News cat be mackin'!

Your specialty: armed
home invasion robberies.
Gun-bright Grace Lee: DUCK!

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Comments for California News Anchor Haiku
Blogger seems to have a LOT of problems lately.

I got ronery for Ed Bradley.

blogger is mad at you.


What a bunch of jackasses.

I may have a face for radio, but these people have brains for television.

Blogger is having her period.

I think we're all missing the point - it's because Blogger was designed by Satan himself.

Satan's more interested in souls than money, which is why he would make such an infernal contraption freely available.

el oh el.

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