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Ore : 2:30 PM

Nothing doing. Just thought I'd dedicate this awesome post to meinen lieben Freund Dennis AKA Bachelor Uncle, whom I miss terribly.

Ahhh, Klaus...

PS: Tuesday. Vote. You know what to do...

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I vote for the murder of Chuckle's wang.

Klaus Nomi. Cool. I love how Wikipedia lists his place of birth as "Bavarian Alps". It's as if he simply emerged from them one day fully formed -- the anti-Ötzi. The article itself says Essen, but whatever.

Do we know each other on the other side?

you know what to do... get screwed by DIEBOLD!!

also, i picked up my first troll. aren't you happy for me?

My Wang is currently residing in an undisclosed location. It does this sometimes.

I have no idea where it is now.

Ooh, shiny.

Devo's much more entertaining, and talented. Perhaps that's the point..

Pinko, that's a little harsh. But it could definitely use a tongue-lashing! HAHAHAHA!

dennis: "Hey Jupiter..."

aif: I'm so there.

chuckles: I think Pinko hopes it has gone hunting with Dick Cheney...

ron: When I see lips waiting to be glossed...

seymour: Take it back!!!

Here is a list of things I would rather do than watch that video again:

1) Visit the dentist
2) Wait in line at the DMV
3) Live in Arkansas
4) Vote in Indiana
5) Zip my dick up in my jeans
6) Fall into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo and get gang raped by all the gorillas at once
7) Read
8) Make out with Rip Taylor
9) Accidentally sit on my nuts
10) Skin my dickhead with a carrot peeler
11) Watch Bushwick Bill from The Geto Boys fingerbang my sister
12) Deliver a retard baby
13) Wax Buzz from The Melvins’ back and taint
14) Masturbate with broken shards of glass
15) Tattoo an un-circumcised dong onto my chest
16) Funnel stomach bile mixed with trucker cum and “rrhea”
17) Sew vagina lips onto my forehead
18) Shave Oprah’s gunt
19) Titty-fuck Star Jones
20) Go to the Warped Tour

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