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...On this morning's newsiness in re Bush getting caught with his hand in the psychopathic cookie jar:

* George describes the U.N. as a "frustrating" organization, and understandably so. His political antecedents as far back as conservative Republicans in the '30s voiced even more strongly worded opinions; the Imperial Japanese felt very much the same about the League of Nations, as did Nazi Germany.

Better men than Bush made promises to the international community, and, for the most part, kept them over the years. He of course bridles at any suggestion that he confine himself to lawful behavior.

I get that he's part of a school of thought (I'm being generous here) that doesn't acknowledge that there is such a thing as an international community. And in some sense, he's right, inasmuch as when its most powerful members balk at their obligations, it tends to work so poorly it may as well not exist.

* The newsheads' babblings notwithstanding, the Bush administration does not want "clarification." They seek obfuscation -- anything that will muddy the waters so that the stuff they want to do (stuff they've been doing all along, btw) won't come back to haunt them at the Hague.

* John Negroponte "disagrees with the administration's critics." Now there's a hanging-from-the-ceilings-by-your-wrists-naked-in-a-tub-of-water shocker. John Negroponte: the man who never met a Honduran death squad he didn't like. Who'da thunk?

* And of course, right after all the harshness they trot out an appropriately Xanaxed Laura for a little sit-down in soft-toned easy chairs, among immaculate, cut bouquets, ostensibly to talk about her great humanitarian works -- the subtext being, "Don't worry about George. I'll keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn't let all that power go to his head." Yeah, uh-huh.


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The fuckers live in a vacuum, where everything their grand pappy said has to be true because grand pappy said it. Even though grand pappy never left west Texas in his life.

Thanks for the link!

I never thought I'd see a day where an American President would be trying to contest the Geneva Convention. What a truly awful human being he is.

GWB never met a dictator he didn't envy.

elmo: these guys wake up every day horrified that anything since the 19th Century has happened at all...

sam: your welcome! And yes, I think this officially makes him worse than Hoover. And Harding.

chuckles: What was his quote about this being a lot easier if he were dictator?

sam: oops: "You're". Snap.

"since the 19th Century has happened at all"


I couldn't agree more. Oh, and love the Laura/Xanax -- too perfect.

-Jason (DJRed)

not saying there are not problems with the UN BUT what organizations are there NOT problems with? BUT if i hear that fucking bastard blame the genocide in darfur on the UN one more time IM going to EXPLODE for real. how about some government ANY fucking government MINE/ours included give them some fucking money so they CAN do something. Im no expert on darfur but i know a shit load about Romeo Dallaire and Bush is of course making it WORSE as per the ususal nice pretending you care fuck face bush pants.

great post as ususal!

Bush and especially his cabinet are an odd hybrid of conservative, combining the isolationist disdain for all things foreign with the old Cold War impulse to tromp around the world whenever they damn well please in the name of "freedom". The whole policy is based on a contradictory ideology. And he's a doofus to boot.

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