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Comments for GB For W!
Daniel is a very unfortunate thing. We were in Nassau when it happened.

I had to turn the TV off last night when that sock puppet came on.

Poor Anna Nicole, when does the madness end?

Bobby Trendy did it.

(ARGGHHHH!!! That was wrong. That was Mr. Hyde talking! Bad, bad, bad [30 lashes with the cat o' nine tails])

leave those murderers and torturer alone you big bully!

I'm not followin' this poor kid's death at all, but heard them on the radio this morning, saying ANS' lawyer was the last one to see him alive.

That can't ever be a good sign...

Hope the new baby don't pick up too much on all the blues she'll be feeling for the near future.

wuff-wuff-HOWWWAAAARRRRDDDD!!! Where's my ding-dongs and my pills??? I want some Te-keell-ya![/ans]

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