On The Subject of Balls

Ore : 11:31 AM

To wit:

  • It does not take balls to stand with and cover for the ruling class. It takes balls to tell them they're wrong.

  • It does not take balls to defend torture. It takes balls to defend humanity from it.

  • It does not take balls to say how brave you'd be in the face of the ultimatum, "convert or die." It takes balls to survive a situation where you may be delivered such an ultimatum.

  • It does not take balls to say our strategy should be "to win." It takes balls to note that every successful counterterrorism operation to date has been primarily through law enforcement, not military action -- in other words, to use your brain.

  • It does not take balls to seek revenge and to advocate turning an entire region into a "sea of glass." It takes balls to work for justice and peace.

  • It does not take balls to abandon the Constitution and due process. It takes balls to stand by your values even in the face of mortal danger.

  • It does not take balls to say, "Your civil liberties won't mean much when you're dead." It takes balls to say, "Give me liberty, or give me death."

That is all.

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Comments for On The Subject of Balls
got balls?

i think instead of balls in most instances, you can replace "moderate amount of brainpower", but then it would lose it's rhythm entirely

As someone who has used 'em...I'll scratch my ball to that, in fact I'm do'n it right now. These wimpy ass wingnuts keep Tampax Co. in business. Funny how they try to change the definition of tough to fit their chickenshitness.

Pathetic really.

Hmmm. Do I detect a whiff of male patriarchalism here?

Of course, I admit that "On the Subject of Guts" wouldn't quite have the same impact. Maybe "On the Subject of Huevos" although that still marginalizes the PM set.

So "balls" it is, I guess. From a deconstructionist point of view they don't have to refer to the real thing but rather are a playful symbol shorn, as it were, from any historical context. See, and you thought the French weren't good for anything, didn't you?

you can use this picture in your post, if you want :)

Clif, I believe it's male gaytriarchalism.

What, girls can't have balls?

Just wait, in a second Pinko Punko will be up in here to lecture you about how your patriarchal scrotocentrism is, like, TOTALLY uncool, man.

Tell him to suck your balls.

Chopper! Sic balls!

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