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Okay, this was gonna be a quick linky-poo, but in my best Jerri Blank howl, I got something to say (an angry liberal! Imagine!): Granted, I've been paying about 3/4 attention to the TV today -- lots of watering and laundry to do -- but I've been seeing a lot to be ashamed of. Or rather, there's a lot that isn't on that should be. (I'm in fact posting so late as I wanted to give the idiot box a good-faith chance...) Yeah, it's a great day for the Bitchuation Room, Steve Irwin (looks like Bob is gonna keep his extremities that much longer; a silver lining, that) and Dark Angel reruns. But I'm especially disappointed in the History Channel and DiscoveryTime. What do they have on? A history of the AFL-CIO? Stories of dockworkers and garment makers? No: Ancient Almanac. Hitlergasms. Hell, we can't even catch Norma Rae on AMC. Fuck this shit.

The labor movement in America was the ultimate brains and the real backbone behind life-saving regulations, much of the Civil Rights movement, and a big chunk of New Deal thought itself. We owe these men and women, who lost their pay to scabs, who faced down skull-cracking union-busters and rapacious capitalists, who gave us so much of what is just and fair in modern America, much, much more than pre-scripted interviews with Joe Lieberman's droopy mug.

If we can give scads of airtime to remembrances of the Civil War and the history of Doritos and Osama and Katrina, surely we can make a little room, if just for Jimmy Hoffa.

At this point, I'm not expecting anything even from PBS.


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Back to our regularly scheduled programming: Just a little sum'n-sum'n 'bout my hometown. Now, this Web site requests visitors don't just snatch their text to republish elsewhere, and I respect that. Suffice it to say that so much of what made Richmond, California great -- a smart, politically aware, almost entirely unionized black community; Rosie the Riveter; Black Panthers; many of the greatest threats the Grand Old Plutocrats have ever faced -- is due in no small part to the following: Ladies and Gentleman, I give you C.L. Dellums of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

Go on, now. Get yourself edified.

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Comments for Have A Labor Day
Em and I were just talking about this. If people (republicans) really knew what this day stood for....and everyone else for that matter. Just an extra "me" day off now.

As for the porn star. Google "Dave Angelo" and you'll get all the goods.

Incidentally, em told me your name was "lame" as she explained your name uses this newfangled internet speak. I don't want to think of you as "lame". Is there some other name I can attach your identity to in my mind? Please, pretty please?

It's cool that it's a "me" day for people. If only they understood why they have it...

Also, you should tell your friend em that if she has a blog she should make her profile w/ blogger available. That way people can follow her there!

Dark angel is big suck

Hmm...CL Dellums. any relation to Oakland mayoral candidate Ron Dellums?

mdhatter: Oh, but Jessica Alba is an actress with such huge, erm, talents...

pt: entirely possible!

If I were granted one wish, I would wish for a new labor movement in America.


res: My wish might be that we had no need for one...

pop: You know it's all about the buckets of DayGlo-orange Pioneer Chicken...

pioneer chicken...ahhh yes. across the street from 7-11 on macdonald and 37th. now a church's (read: roach motel chicken). i remember the first time we gave my little sister a piece of pioneer chicken. the grease actually gave her face a rash. we never ate there again.

Ha Ha that was about 6 or 7 blocks from the house I grew up in.

Hey remember Pup Hut? I wonder if that nasty-yet-good shit is still there.

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