First Five...

Ore : 7:17 AM

...Deranged scrawlings in feces and blood found this morning on the wall of Bedlam AKA NRO's The Corner:

Iain Murray: "For many thousands of years, the negroes have been ungrateful thieves. But we conservatives are too smart to fall for their chicanery."

Tim Graham: "I don't see what the big deal is about a doctor chopping up the Hippocratic Oath to suit his religious beliefs; it's the same as homeopathy and supporting a woman's right to reproductive choice."

Iain Murray: "Why listen to real scientists on global warning when we've got Orson Scott Card? Oh, and turncoat Schwarzenegger's new regulations are going to force all wealthy and middle-class white Californians to flee to Texas and Missouri, where they can practice true free-marketry. Enjoy your new, un-productive Mexican overlords, suckers!"

Andy McCarthy: "Internationalism has never worked before, especially when no one's willing to try. So why not just do to Iran what we've done to Iraq?"

John Hood: "Public transit always has been and always will be a failure. What we need are more highways and more people driving cars; told me so."

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Comments for First Five...
Andy Mc is a dumbshit.

John Hood ranks up there too.

Excellent on comment on Sticky Crows the other day. Thanks for writing it.

oh, the chicanery!

us wetbacks would be ungrateful thieves as well, but we're too lazy to steal. we're merely ungrateful.

indy & ag: you noticed, huh?

em: thank you. I better go back and check that -- hope I didn't start people flaming at each other. I just had too much caffeine and couldn't let sleeping dogs, you know...

dex: Oh the inanity!!!

pr: That's right, now stop stealing our jobs in the tomato fields and meat-packing plants, you lazy so-and-so!

Em and I have gone through our political junkie phases. But like video games, I don't go there anymore, it just raises my pulse and blood pressure. Life's too short yadda yadda yadda.

I'm so glad that you're there calling the evil ones on their shit. And you're right - we're of like mind on many things.

teh, Jordan the tool is mouthing off at you at Brando's. Stop by and smack it down...

Have a nice holiday weekend!

thanks for making me poop my pants with disgust.

i hate those goddamn republicans even more now.

tw: In all fairness, you're older, you're now living in Quebec, and the worst you have to deal with is Harper ;P

ag: set and match.

aif: you're welcome!!!

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