Cluster Bombs

Ore : 7:24 AM

"Hello, pot? We have to talk -- it's me, kettle..."

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Helloooooo hypocrisy!

I always laughed when people used the argument that Saddam had and used chemical weapons as we were dropping white phosphorous and napalm bombs on Falluja.

indy: Yeah, the problem is, as long as the Bush people remain in power, we have no moral authority to lecture or criticize others' unjust policies. That is to say, we can say whatever we want, but there's really no weight behind it, and no one can be expected to take us seriously...

fish: Well, laughing is kinda hard to do...

And by "investigate" they mean what?

Let FoxNews trot out a story about the State Department's concern over this?

What bullshit.

We set shining example *end sarcasm*

With the report of the well labeled Reuters armored car getting targeted today, and the israeli "ooopsie, too bad" in response, my limited support for Israel is just about used up.

bull -effing- shit

Insofar as I know, only the Israeli's, the UN, and the press have armored cars over there... no?

there are bald faced lies, and then there's just making shit up. I got three words.

po' widdle iswael

a Radiohead lyric comes to mind. "You do it to yourself, you do, and that's why it really hurts"

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