Tuesday Plongeur Blogging

Ore : 2:19 PM

Just 'cos.

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Comments for Tuesday Plongeur Blogging
Nice. = )

He is a mite front-heavy, isn't he?

Another reason to love Quebec!

This post is kinda gay.

Somehow I doubt I'll ever have a boyfriend that looks like that.
  • Posted at 5:33 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

tbl: ;)~

butchie: you're one to talk!

anon: same here...


that sounds french. better hide him in case val comes around and pops an aneurysm

Not that I am at all insecure about my ENORMOUS WANG, bbut that bulge is looking suspiciously uniform to be natural.

I look at it and it says to me, "Chuckles, I am (WHATEVER THE FRENCHY'S NAME IS)'s wang and I am in awe of your wang and have thus chosen to augment myself with my owner's diving cap."

teh, you and I don't have the same taste in men.

Great thighs, nice arms, adequate bulge, pathetic chest.

He is ridiculously hot.

u all b haterz!!!

Not to rub salt in your wounds, but I am not an olympian or even an athletician (I don't even register as a mathlete) but I have a better chest than this wimpy mofo.


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