My Name Is America: Journal of Madeline Star, New Vaudeville Performer

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(Follow the adventures of young Madeline, on and off the stage, in modern-day New York!)

Excerpt: "The Audition"

It was the most exciting day of my life. We were so worried that Grandma couldn't pull it off. Well, it was her last show -- but what a show!

We filed into the casting director's office. He seemed bored, sour. He was not in the mood for a family act. "Show me what you got."

Immediately, Dad unzips my brother Ricky's jeans and pulls his semi-hard cock out. Dad gets down on his knees and starts gobbling Ricky's fattening knob. Meanwhile, Mom begins her slow interpretive dance routine, one hand throwing off articles of clothing, the other digging gobbets of green shit out of her asshole and flinging them, Jackson Pollock-like, around the office. When she had completed her circuit, that was my entrance.

I drift dainty as you please to a position behind Dad, who's still sucking on Ricky's dick like an Injun on a flask of firewater. I pull down his pants, spread his sallow cheeks, and start munching his butt, working my tongue past the hairs and the few warts, right into the slimy rectum. He moans with delight -- I do such a good job, he almost gags on his son's tool.

But Ricky had to hold it. First Grandma came in to do her part. Her back and knees weren't in the best of shape, but she still managed -- imagine, still kicking after all this time! She was originally from the old country. Anyway, she got on her hands and knees, doggy-style, and I laid on her back, my ankles over Ricky's shoulders. Dad positioned himself behind Ricky, ramming himself into Ricky's tight sphincter while Ricky would switch between my snatch and Grandma's -- he'd thrust in mine, then switch to Grandma's withered, gray meat wallet, using my juices to make the pounding easier on poor Grandma. At the same time, Mom squatted down in front of Grandma's face to offer the latter a good shot at the former's puckered stinkeye. Grandma, trembling under my weight and Ricky's continued reaming, and half-blind besides, still managed to lick a few chunks out of Mom's ass before she suddenly collapsed.

Oh, what a disaster! But like Dad always said, a disaster is just an opportunity waiting to be seized.

Just after Grandma's final death rattle, as the life shuddered out of her frail old frame, Ricky straddled her liver-spotted, saggy old tits and spewed his goopy, ropy, HIV-positive nut all over her face. Then, very respectfully, he closed her eyelids. Dad immediately jammed his shit-slathered cock into Grandma's mouth, made sure he had the right leverage, and sprang her dentures up towards the ceiling. Mother lept cat-like, pirroueted, and in a single motion slapped the old woman's teeth out of the air and straight into her pussy. Then, with her new vagina dentata (still bearing little bits of spinach and corned beef and dried fecal matter from the last few things Grandma had eaten), she nibbled on Dad's enormous, raging purple glans.

Ricky and I, our parts almost finished, each took one of Grandma's legs and held them straight up in the air, making sure the floppy lips of her superannuated quim were pointed straight at the casting director (who certainly wasn't bored now!) When Mom had finished chewing Dad's one-eyed snake to a bloody pulp, she ripped a small, black and white print of Rosa Parks off the wall. Dad thrust his gory stump through the back of the photo so that his tubesteak poked through Parks's mouth, sqatted down over his own dead mother's torso, and streamed blood and cum all over her old, dead taint, all the while screaming through his orgasm, "For the victims and heroes of 9/11!"

We held our poses for a moment.

"What the fuck was that?" asked the director.

With a flourish and a bow Dad informed him, "We call ourselves... the

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didn't expect that.

smooth though
  • Posted at 10:16 AM | By Anonymous almostinfamous


Nice. I'll work one up, too.

Bravo! golf clap

Did you hear the one about the constipated mathematician?

He worked it out with a pencil.

Q. What did the quantum physicist's boyfriend do when she was done menstruating?

A. Pulled her string.

Teh, you never fail me. Never.

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