SIRIUSly, It's Friday Already?

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Peter Bjorn & John "Young Folks" -- Bongoes and whistling??? Now I've heard everything! Actually, a rather catchy, pretty song: wistful, paper-thin vocals, lovely bass. OK, maybe too pretty. Sorta disposable, even. But it can stand a few more listens. 7/10

The White Stripes, "We're Going To Be Friends" -- Jack White can do no wrong. Spare, timeless; kind-hearted and folksy without inspiring cringes and groans. 8/10

Editors, "Blood" -- Fucking hell, no one's dropped a boulder on these twats yet? 1/10

Sex Pistols, "Holidays In The Sun" -- I'm very biased as this was a childhood favorite. Still, it's aged about as well as Nancy Spungeon's corpse. Meaning its relevance has diminished only slightly. 8/10

Serena Maneesh, "Sapphire Eyes" -- Starts out stoner rock (tambourines, single beat, meandering guitars), suddenly breaks into Cocteau Twins territory... Aw, hell, I'm sober. I can't touch this one. I hate atmospheric psychedelia. 2/10

The Essex Green, "This Isn't Farm Life" -- Belle & Sebastian is to this what Peet's house blend is to Folger's Crystals. Yes, I notice the difference. 3/10

Ben Kweller, "Penny On The Train Track" -- Lovely in a way that leaves Train completely unchallenged. And if he had bigger backing, he'd be beaming from your local Top 40 dreck-tower. And then I wouldn't be writing this. 3/10

Razorlight, "In The Morning" -- Not their best entry, but I like the attempt to infuse old Cure with a hint of Art Brut. This is what hot-shit English bands are supposed to sound like when they get co-opted by the Sargasso Sea of the music industry that is Los Angeles. 6/10

The Black Heart Procession, "Not Just Words" -- Melodic, elegiac, understated. I wouldn't seek it out, but I can't complain. After several belts, in fact, I might even mist up. 7/10

Snowglobe, "Happy" -- Now that's more like it: slightly frat-boyish, don't-give-a-fuck choral vocals, Magnetic Fields-style chorus, poppy horns, bouncy beat. And the organ is employed to nice effect (yes, for once I'm using that in a post about music). Goofy, frothy, fun, and worthy. 8/10

PS As much as I adore you, Sweden, Ella Rouge is a bit much. Get rid of them, please -- a scheme involving cement, an icy bay, and a school of rabid, genetically mutated herring would be ideal.

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Comments for SIRIUSly, It's Friday Already?
I still get jacked every time I hear a song from "Never Mind the Bollocks". Never gets old for me (and I'm old).

That White Stripes track really is among their best. though i really dig "Jolene".

it's been a while, i think I too will do a music friday again.

I hate atmospheric psychedelia

Me too.

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