Word To The Illest, Fattest ROBOT EVAR!!1!

Ore : 11:37 AM

'Sup Beezy!

Stupid. Michael didn't molest your computer. He made love to it.

We the jury find yr mum guilty of bonercide.

Saddam Gibson tells us about the tragedy of the real 9/11.

Required reading:
Herman Hesse

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Comments for Word To The Illest, Fattest ROBOT EVAR!!1!
I loved the TV Funhouse on SNL where they tried using aversion therapy to get MJ off of boys... He would barf into buckets that they'd hold up for him.

I really enjoy your blog, and I would tend to agree with your opinions. I plan on linking you and would appreciate if you would return the favor. :-)

The worst tattoo on the link fatrobot gave was the naked Indian chick doing a pole dance on a giant corny dog. It was on some dudes calf.

What´s happening to all the American icons? Whitney GONE! Mel whatthehell Gibson a religious drunk! Tom Cruise STILL IN THE CLOSET!

Oh dear. Your poor country´s in tatters.

thanks holmes !
greatly honoured

That corn dog picture was hot!

Man, you said that like a Messican. But I'll let it pass. I'm like that.

I'll speak about that, as well as the afore mentioned 'tatters' in the next post...


Siddhartha? That's too much for a girl in this heat.

I posted a Retro HNT for all your gay friends. snark

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