T-Shirts I Want:

Ore : 11:42 AM

Ben-Wa Baller (accompanied by various images of handily insertable bling)

Slayers Do It With Wood

Bring Me The Head of Alberto Gonzales

The Aristocrats

Smoke Out Babies

(Anything with She-Ra, Princess of Power on it.)

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Comments for T-Shirts I Want:
rope. tree. tire.

some assembley required.


"The City of Industry Is For Levers."

Bring Me The Head of Alberto Gonzales

Next on my list...the pussy has to go down and go down hard.

She-ra is the future, you know?

What? No Legolas?

She-ra? You want AG on your chest?!

BTW, wtf with stopping at Chuckie's place but no RoD love? AG was a fan way before the chuck-man. Just because AG doesn't have a peNus (Not one word Chuckles!)doesn't mean she shouldn't get teh teh love.

i think teh love is for adorable manfriend.

just saying.

I heart big titties.

Smoke Out Babies


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