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Yeah. I know I'm just giving her what she wants: Attention. But here's the deal: of all the stuff in this Media Matters catalogue of her latest schtick, it's actually this quote that I, in the context of her entire career, found the most offensive:

It was a great interview. It's much better than being asked to describe the book. You know, that's always the hardest in the first week, because you don't have the chapters summarized yet [emphasis mine].

I have to ask: did she even write her own book? I mean, you'd think you'd have to start with some sort of outline. And you're poring over this manuscript again and again, for at least several months, doing all sorts of research and deep thinking. Aren't summaries pretty much among the first things you come up with? Too fucking bizarre.

You know, it was either Duncan at
Atrios or James Wolcott who said the ideal punishment for her would be banishment from the presence of the liberals she so reviles, yet upon whom she depends for her material. I would add another: that her views on immigration take the day, and that whoever it is who's been selling her that mad-crazy booger sugar gets, as a consequence, deported.

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did she even write her own book?

a follow-up question: did she even take a look at what she wrote?

"who's been selling her that mad-crazy booger sugar"

its me....please dont deport me!

I am still not over the Katie comment on the Today Show. She came off like a total bee-otch. If I liked her before, I wouldn't now. She is a self hating woman and it shows.
  • Posted at 5:23 AM | By Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend

You mean that it didn't show before?

AG: You know, I must have got up for a coffee refill at that point. What did she say? All I heard was the "Oh, where is Katie?" thing.

I read her book. It's the same regurgitated jibba jabba that you hear every day. The reason I read it is for when some cocky conservative starts talking politics at the bar, I know what they are going to say before they say it.

teh! you really get that meaning from that paragraph?

i thought he was (further) indicating the utter stoopidness of the american SCLM

jbeivvtek: took me as long to type as my entire comment!

the ideal punishment for her would be banishment from the presence of the liberals she so reviles

It wouldn't matter. It's not as if her opinions of liberals were actually formed by actual experiences with them. Making up shit is way easier.

She's nothing but a caricature to me.

That's exactly what she is, Smarty.

osnwaqt - the sound made when a 9/11 widow bitchslaps The sound made when a 9/11 widow bitchslaps Coulter

you should see the Henry Rollins letter to Ann C, on youTube. Worth the effort, too lazy to link

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