Thanks For Everything, But Stop the Race Dilution!

Ore : 3:13 PM

Guest blogging by Sister LaRhonda Arya Hebejebediah Chuggbutter

So, you understand and promulgate the Biblical truth that Woman's womb belongs to G-d, to be administered and stewarded by Man, His intermediary to her. You properly believe Our Leader Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush may do whatever he has been commanded by Jesus to do, Constitution and liberals be damned. And you dutifully hate brown people (who aren't you.) All fine and well. But don't think for a second that this allows you to get away with just anything -- that I haven't kept my eye on you and your tartish, miscegenating ways.

I'm willing to overlook a lot. Even your being a Mary-worshipping Papist! But arrogating to your dusky, almond-eyed self the privilege of marrying white men is just beyond the pale.

Something The Lord Made Wrong!!!

If divorce weren't a sin worthy of getting thrown into the lake of fire, I would exhort you, as a notional ally in the Clash of Civilizations and the War on Terror and Liberals, to give him up. As it is, what is done is done. All I can do is pray that you repent, and that you and your Lord and Master Jesse refrain from conceiving any more of those mud-babies.

This is a time of great terror, beseiged as we are on all sides by islamofascists and the godless Left, and we on the right cannot afford to be riven by this issue. The good book clearly instructs us to annihilate all non-Christians so that they might as soon as possible know G-d's judgement, and to then erect a Government in Christ that will institute Biblical Law and abolish taxes (Ebenezer 9:11) -- and we cannot do this if we are not together, if some of us decide self-indulgence is more important than the mission. So please, Michelle, for the love of all that is good and holy and right, do nothing further that would instigate divisiveness among us. We need you. You need us. Could you just please mind your place, lay off the provocative behavior, and lay only other Orientals from now on? If rumor has it true, naturally such trysts won't be nearly as satisfying as those with your white buck, but they would be more in accordance with G-d's plan, and therefore less likely to cause ill will in our ranks...

Oh well, at least you're not a nigger.

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Comments for Thanks For Everything, But Stop the Race Dilution!
Malkin makes me want to gag every time...the Lord wasn't wrong, he meant to torture the bitch.

Your a genius by the way...

Oh yeah, I'll give you a glimpse of Mrs. Elmo tomorrow around 9am central time. Shhhhhh

zfkqzut - what teh said when the Longhorns beat USC

ok, i so do not get that post and i don't want to read the links

savatew: what people should have done with their extra dollars

Yeah, I am not reading the links either. I am still sick to my stomach from last weekend.

The only thing I've learned about Malkin and company is that they have a talent to be hipocrites and cut and paste. It's so old.


Asian chicks are hot. So are jewish chicks.

Can you put those (asian girls, jewish girls) together to get a hot chick or will the confluence of hotness reduce the overall attraction?

Hey Teh.

Malkin. Ack. I actually made it through half of her blahblahblah.

Butchie, how many times do you need to be told we are NOT chicks?!

Chuckles, don't even make that joke. You are skating on thin ice.

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