The Pelagic Argosy Hits The Skids

Ore : 2:00 PM

Not Shown:  The Hypogeum Adamanthine
This Being An Issuance From The House Absolute

Leading the charge against the AsciansThere are subversive elements among you we know who charge that we, your Autarch, mounted our destrier at the border our Commonwealth shares with the Ascian territories merely for show. Know now that the voices of these exultants and armigers, however attractive and reasonable issue truly from the dread forces of the deep known to us as Abaia and Erebus. Their legion seeks only to aid our enemies, and to prevent the coming of the white fountain, which shall renew our old, diseased Sun and bring forth a reflowering of our crippled Urth.

The Citadel's tragic but necessary demiseRecently, these same voices, hoping as they do to prevent our recovery, have erroneously charged that we in our torpitude and dissolution allowed the sea to take the great city of Nessus, and by our allegedly neglectful nature refused to take up the Claw of the Conciliator that we might return to life the many thousands who died in that deluge. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, of a thousand titles, who are many in one, and who forget nothing remember well the drowning of that great city. Be not alarmed, however, for it is merely an expression of the arrival of the New Sun, the retrieval of which we as your Autarch have been tasked -- not to mention tested severely -- by the forces residing in the universe Yesod. With great change comes a great price -- the greater and more necessary the change, the more devastating the price exacted.

Have heart then, and know that very soon the Old Sun shall pass away to make room for the New Sun, which will outshine all other stars in the heavens when on the day of its coming the horizon drops from its glorious face.

Heh, heh, heh.

Your Autarch

(Apologies to Gene Wolfe. And to my readers -- as my computer is teh Br0xXx0rZ, I may not be visiting with y'all as much... Sorry!)

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Comments for The Pelagic Argosy Hits The Skids
Absolute issuances...I'm thinking bad thoughts...

may i suggest the affordable mac mini?

Now with windows xp!


i won't pretend i understood any of that, but i'm sure if i did it would be awesome.

nice photochop btw

Teh, email me when you have a minute. republicofdogs at gmail dot cizzom!

I look forward to having a branch of the armed forces (or maybe the intelligence services) called the Seekers After Penitence and Truth.

Finally! Someone gets me!

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