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Ore : 11:01 PM

How would I hump thee? Let me count the ways...

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What, you can't find one shot in his speedoes?

Another reason to visit my town...

the man seems to be proud of what his daddy gave him.

who is he, btw?

zomjg: the second to last word in the invocation of chtulhu

I hope I won't sound terribly ignorant for asking, but who is this guy?

He's a cutie, but nothing makes me want to punch someone directly in the mouth like a polo shirt with the collar turned up like that. That shit is spreading like the plague, and I hate hate HATE it.

xafeec (whom I, for one, welcome as our new alien overlord!)

Oh, tornwordo, you need to check my archives. Believe me, I've got it covered.

And for the ignorant, this is Alexandre Despatie, amazingly talented and hot CAnadian diver.

Oh Teh. I somehow knew your diver would be making another Sunday appearance.

: )

Res wins the most awesome comment award yet again.

A diver, huh? I hope he's a salvage diver because if he's doing olympic-style platform diving, he's got an aerodynamic problem in the crotchoidal region that'll leave one hell of a splash as he "enters" the pool.

stranger than his crotchtastic anomaly, he also seems to posess an angular butt...

abvhegcu: the art of delivering insults by preceding them by praise

He looks kinda gay.

AIF, I notice his triangle ass too. There's something weird going on there.

I think he stuffed the wrong side of his trousers that day.

Canadia doesn't have that many hotties. (Big country, small families, etc.) However, when they do, OMG!

click me

Alexandre... si beau!

Res: I'm with you. I want to turn down all of the collars, and then slap them for being fashion victims.

AG: "Canadia doesn't have that many hotties." Huh?

Butchie: I am going to kill you for tricking me into watching that video.


Do the math, MR. Smaller population. It cannot have that many hotties who make it on the big screen. It would be like saying that there are more hotties in Rhode Island than California. Square footage and the lack of the Plan B pill make a difference.

Teh, you nerd, where are you?

dhfth: It's death, with 90% fewer vowels!

Um, okay, REs, you're one to talk.

Anyway, I'm temporarily out of commission as my computer at home is, after many a brown-out followed by many a black-out, teh br0k3n. Am workin' on it.

Broken like Kristanna Loken. Ha ha.

Teh, come clean. Was it all the porn that you downloaded that ate the insides of your computer?

I don't buy the computer excuse. I think teh is shagging a certain Pink Panther because they both have been out of the loop for sometime now.

Um, okay, REs, you're one to talk. and your "facts". Anyway, my case was different. I was...umm...kidnapped. By gnomes.

Anyway, glad to hear that you're okay! Sorry to hear about your computer...nothing says "electronic fun" like a wildly variable power supply!

xxvydegi -- "that's what he said!!"

That video was hilarious.

And horribly disgusting.

I miss teh teh!



i see this happen all the time for REAL. i don't need to see it on the INTERNET too!!

i'd let him dive into me any day.


this is thursday young man!

i hope this break has been worth it for you, because it sure hasn't been for me


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