Straight Outta Coach

Ore : 7:37 AM

Ooh, snap!

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My g0d-damned WorldPerks miles had better be safe... that's all I gotsta say...


Love your tag line under your profile..."I know why the caged bird gets beaten"... Maya would be smiling if she saw it!


Bitches better fuckin represent.

did you know you're linked on gayblogs?

I think he "got" you from Peter, 'cause your name on the link list is "Fly-Over Camp"


I can't handle all the attitude!

I think Butchie did it to try to blame on Petey.

Punk ass flight attendants trying to cop an attitude!

Those flight attendants never had a chance.

Gotta like "Straight Outta Coach"

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I know why the caged bird gets beaten.

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