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First cuppa thought: I was noticing how terrifically tore up Bush has been looking lately (seriously, like a mop of gray hair glued to something the dog procured from the back end of the horse corral): this morning, his voice creaking and cracking as he mentions the problem is "these militias, taking the law into their own hands." You know he's tired when he accuses Iraqi insurgents of doing exactly that which most of the American people are aware he is doing at this very moment. That projection of cognitive dissonance was jarring even for me, who has been dealing with bizarre social conservatives for much of my young life.

In short, he seems near some sort of break-down (doubtless getting an off-the-record earful from the likes of the brilliant Albright at his "meeting" didn't help his mental state none...) And I thought of that scenario that haunts so many liberal minds, wherein Bush is removed from office and replaced with Dick Cheney. Many liberals oppose impeachment because they're sure giving Cheney the presidency would be the worstest thing EVAR!1!!1!

But how? I mean, Dick Cheney has an approval rating on par with that of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The only reason Cheney has thrived for so long is because he is in the dark; he is perfectly positioned to hide from scrutiny. Put in the Oval Office, he wouldn't be able to avoid the spotlight. And could you imagine someone easier to sweep from office in November?

So he gets the presidency for a couple of months. Big effin' deal. He already
enjoys all the power associated with the office anyway -- he'd just be getting the sceptre to wave around is all.

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maybe we will get lucky and GWB will die.

then with my luck, Jeb will get elected.

its a no win situation!

I'm not sure what you meant by your comment on my clog today. I'm kinda gay-tarded at the moment, on account of sleep deprivation.

I meant something? Do I ever? Oh, wait...

Something about Steve Harper being a sort of soporific or something I think...

Well, there was a congregation of nutbars on Parliament Hill this week... but I don't think even Harper will touch this one with a 10-foot-pole...

What do you do for fun? Because you are making yourself crazy! I know, I was shrieky and unbearable (not that you're those things, at least you're funny) around the last election and invasion. I just a soon they dig themselves into the most hated party and stay there awhile, get the three branches back in blue territory with the backlash and then we can start making amends with the world.

I know I'm one of the few people that watches ER anymore, but this season has been excellent (a whole storyline on Darfur). And lastnight, Pratt goes on this awesome rant about U.S. politics that had me wondering if the GE execs are going to be breathing down the necks of NBC's entertainment division today...

What do I do for fun? Why, stroke it to pics of tornwordo's HNTs past...

Oh, and eek! @ madame...

"What do I do for fun? Why, stroke it to pics of tornwordo's HNTs past..."

I accidently hit a link & ended up here. Don't even think about charging me for this stop. I didn't look at one picture, fondle myself, or link to tornwordo's house of porn.

Dear NSA, I don't know these people. Cut me some slack. Thanks.


you bring up a great point that i never thought of. okay, two:

1: that cheney thrives in the shadows. bring him out into the forefront, and hopefully, his head will explode.
2: he (cheney) really is pretty much as popular, if not less, than SIDS.

uhh... cheney is a fucking vampire.

by secret location, they mean his crypt and by pacemaker, they mean little emergency vial of baby blood placed next to his dead heart for use when he does step out into the light

yxyernx: all the captcha's in the world won't help when the NSA is lookin over your shoulder!

Shun me?!



But, but, but...I have a hot guy picture I was gonna put up for you.

Cheney is far worse than SIDS. SIDS only makes me sad, but it does not fill me with inarticulate rage.

George Bush is on some serious downward decline. I dunno if he's back to boozing or off (on?) his meds, but he's falling fast. Meanwhile his party is falling apart.

I went to freeperland today and the poll said that twenty two percent of them want the "rats" to retake office so that their own grand ole party can be taught a lesson. Never thought I'd see the day.

Why does The Left hate infant mortality?

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