Free Dumb Camp

Ore : 9:46 PM

Is on haitus through Monday.

Bottoms up, mah bitchez!

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Comments for Free Dumb Camp
I miss you, Teh.

I miss you already, sweetcheeks.

Finally, we got Chuckles to admit his thing for teh, teh.

And from what I heard, he will have his bottom up with Pinko is pitching this weekend and Fullie is holding the camera.


there goes 1/5th of my readership.

wait, Pinko too? man that's 1/3 right there!

it's really a shock to me that with so many liquor stores around, i haven't had a drop to drink in 3 months.

This is total bullshit. I want my money back, bitch.

I'm still lurking here too, don't do anything I wouldn't do teh, and that gives you plently of fucking leeway.

Do everything that I wouldn't do.

Somebody has to do that shit.

You can start with my dishes.

Wait, I thought crack was wack?

Are you going on a binge?

Where's teh? I hope he's OK.

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