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Sorry, folks. Still experiencing technical difficulties. Major, several-day power outage in Chunderville, population: moi. Well okay, others were affected as well, but I'm the only important one...

Anyway, I've got enough firewood for the next two years, and I've been catching up on my sewing. More to come...

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Comments for I LIVE!!!
at least the only important one with a blog!

Yeah, teh teh is back.

whew. I was going to end it all.

you need to get over to adam yoshida's right now.

You need one of those kerosene powered computer boxes.

Glad you are back "darin' - like a cuppa?" That was my Vera Drake impersonation. Maybe it works better in person when I'm holding my vaginal syringe and bag of lye.

aif: don't question me!!!

ag: yeah, don't cheer too loudly.

pinko: why, is he having a nuclear meltdown? do you mean the yoshida mirror site, the one put up that has comments?

butchie: I'm looking into one powered by squirrels on wheels.

tbl: probably ;)

I was wondering what happened. Thought maybe you fell into a hole or something.

I was wondering what had happened. Are those hanger shaped pasta pieces? It looks like little hangers.

I'm worried about where you found that picture.

Wait just a damn minute. AG was being as adorable as ever and teh, teh got snippy?!

Honey, I said I'd play with you on your birthday. I give you all the girl straight love you need and want. What gives, buttercup?

Yoshi put his comments back on. They are calling you.

Did you get missing again?

That picture is soooo messed up.

I wish I had teh interwebs at my humble abode, Chez Genius.

smarty: that's right: I'm actually baby jessica.

tornwordo: not tellin.

ag: don't be such a humorless feminazi. Mwah. Love you, baby.

pinko: where do i go?

tbl: nope still thinking....

chuckles: I stole it, you know.


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teh, teh loves me. Be jealous of AG, bitches!

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