It's True. They ALL Are...

Ore : 9:07 AM

Species official name:  crackheadia cobagensis
Guys, Whitney called -- she thinks it's time for an intervention...

Hello, room service?  Yeah, I need a razor, a straw, and a martini, please...
Not that she's one to talk.

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Comments for It's True. They ALL Are...
ha ha!

Hey Teh!

You know, tomorrow is SUNDAY.

= )

Way to bust me! Who do you think my meth supplier is, meth boy?

smarty: yeah, I know, i know...

pinko: Clearly, it is yo momma.

It's Sunday now.

Do you know where your hotties are?

Ok. Well it's Sunday where I am, anyway.

Your just lucky I didn't get a screen capture after you had commented. But I do have Ann Bartow, Nathan Tabor, AIF and PP nailed!

gah! ... You're ...

And why is that gregor? BECAUSE I AM THE WIND, BABY!

Ha ha. "Your".

Yes, 'your' the wind teh.

Teh, teh! You gotts to stop hitting on AG. Or rather, hitting on PP and putting AG in the middle. AG is not into PP and you honey, well AG has got Ressie and T-bone and the Canadians. How the hell is she going to make time for you?

OK fine, we can make out on your birthday. But that's it! Nothing more.

Bobby's comin' after you for that one. I felt it proper to warn you.

Crack is wack! But Whitney's cuckoo for coco puffs.

Would she, just once, eat a sandwich?

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