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Yes, these DNA testing kits [btw, check out the story, and the first accompanying pic. I wouldn't mind giving that boy a free-ride scholarship (hur, hur, hur) - ed.] are a little dubious in what they can deliver. But Jonah, being Jonah, ignores the obvious problems in favor of some made-up ones, missing the point completely.

Has it even occured to him a) to ask why it is that higher education is becoming increasingly less obtainable for people of average means, so much so that parents must go to the lengths outlined by the Times piece he quotes; and that b) private non-profits, even those he perceives to be liberal, may disburse financial aid to prospective students based on those organizations' charters and mission statements -- in other words, to whomever they please? After all, freedom of association, and all that, Mr. Conservative...

Perhaps I should be more forgiving. A spawn of Lucianne, suckled for so long at the rancid teat of wingnut welfare, probably never had to understand the exigencies of financial aid. See, what happens, when you fill those sheets out at the office (in part with your ethnic background), is not that the college itself cuts you a check based on who your ancestors were; rather, if they're doing their jobs, they let you take advantage of their research and contacts in that area, and refer you to those organizations which might help you get more money to pay for your education.

A college doesn't give you money because you have a Mewauk grandma. Their financial aid office, however, might put you in touch with some tribal elders or charitable giving officers who might, in turn, chuck some of those sweet, sweet casino ducats your way. That's all.

Note to Clif, Gregor, Jess: your donations in particular have been v. v. popular -- Clif, yours started going out the door the moment it was back from cataloguing, and has barely been on the shelf since.

You guys have made a difference. To other readers:
Ahem, *cough* *cough* and all that... ;)

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We all know this kind of stuf happens because the average, under achiever white kid is slowly, but surely starting to get what they deserve. Imagine that! I worked in an Admissions Office and the stuff I saw was unbelieveable. I liked when students who submit applications with GPA at best that were 2.0 in high school and be all upset when they didn't get accepted. Really? Why would you get accepted with those grades? If you couldn't do high school, what makes you think being alone and away from mom is going to make it easier. Especially when your classmates will have coming in GPAs of close to 4.0.

And why should middle class kids get all this aid? Perhaps if Mommy and Daddy lived within their means, they wouldn't be where they are today: debitor's prison. Or worse yet, maybe your kid will have to go on loans like so many other hard working middle class kids did or even worse, state school!

White people need to get a clue!

Sorry, AG just needed to vent. AG is better now and minding her own Ps and Qs.

"And why should middle class kids get all this aid?"

I guess my point was, because the organizations providing it say they (or any one else -- poor, black, lesbian -- whomever) are entitled to it, and are willing to dole it out. And furthermore, they are free to dole out financial aid based on whatever criteria they choose.

I was simply pointing out the irony of Jonah, who by rights should probably never gotten as far as he had except he was raised on the pap of corporate slush funds (with all the social connections that entails), while decrying the right of other organizations to fund whomever they please. He's a huge fan of "freedom of association," except when it applies to those who may not share his political agenda.

Life is not always as black and dry as AG likes to think it is.

55-60 Grand a year split up between 2 kids, a mortgage and 1 car doesn't go all that far. Dad could work too, but I think a family would be very fortunate to have to earners making 55-60 G a year.

Anyway, I think the whole thing of taking a DNA test at 18 to potentially qualify for more aid is little cashewy. Just seems lame to me.

Let me clarify, just because maybe somewhere in the distant past, one of my ancestors was not a northern european isn't going to change my identity. I have always thought of myself as simply Suburban-American.

I can see how some people would find this interesting, but I don't like people who think that because they are 1/320th Cherokee that they are somehow native. If you have been raised on the Rez and fluently speak it, that's one thing, but otherwise you're just a culture vulture.

*sigh* Nobody gets me...

Chuckles, agreed on all points. But what I was getting at is this:

"...but I don't like people who think that because they are 1/320th Cherokee that they are somehow native."

Right and all that, but the point is, if some Cherokee scholarship program decides that's good enough for them to cut you a check, who is Jonah Goldberg to bemoan the awfulness of "the system"?

See where I's comin' from?


i didn't know there were indian stuff on that list!!

i'll see what i can do, i can prob. get them for peanuts around here. postage might be an issue, but as i said, i'll see what i can do


Yeah, and if you can think of some other stuff (true Bollywood classics preferred), go on ahead and send it. But I can see how postage might cancel out the benefits of low prices where you are. Do what works for you & all that...

The reason I put some Indian stuff on there is because a sizable percentage of the population of the town where my library is is Hindu. Hence, Mother India, stuff like that...


When I was just a little kid, which wasn't that long ago (*cough* *cough*), I was totally dependant upon a small town library (in the deep South, for God's sake) for stuff to read, so I'm delighted to hear that the small little gift that I sent has been popular.

You want stuff from my wishlist? 'm kay, but you better be a programmer who likes gothic & New Wave...

(I think perhaps you copied the URL for "My Wish List" but wanted this URL instead?)

That's a cool idea, BTW, setting up a wishlist for a library.

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