Yes, It Is April 4th

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1929 - 1968,
but his memory is immortal

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
The King Center
Nobel Site

You know, I wanted this post to be simple and elegant and tasteful, but I have to fucking ask: Why the hell does Stormfront own (no link folks -- it's ugly), and just as important, why the hell does google put it up near the top on their search? I mean, WTF people???

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Nearly 40 years. Amazing. Let's not ever forget.

Well, I am a total choad. I forgot.

I couldn't resist and went to martinlutherking dot org. That is a horrible site. Any lengths at all. What a bunch of bird shit. wont come up for me at work...I'm glad though, I'm still recovering from the funk and don't need to see what I think is there.

Jake Blues said it best, "I hate Illinois Nazis."

Nice remembrance.

At 1:44 PM, Elmo said... wont come up for me at work...

Are you serious? That's awful...

The real question here is how long before Tom DeLay invokes King's assassination as a parallel to his own political demise?

Actually, I think the religious right is already likening it to a crucifixion, so maybe they're aiming a little bit higher.

Maybe MLK would have done eveyone a bigger favour by telling them that dreams never come true.

TBL, that's bullshit, buddy. I just got promoted to assistant shift team leader at Hardees.

(Sorry if any of you actually work at a Hardees. Really, really sorry.)

we can only make dreams come true if we work together for them...

at least tom delay had the good sense to quit at the right time

We don't even have a MLK in Canada. :(

smarty: word

chuckles: you are a choad for many reasons. this is why we lurve you.

and please try not to give stormfront any more traffic in the future...

elmo: you ain't missin out.

brando: don't forget those in Idaho.

jess: thanks!

madame: sarcasm becomes you. really.

otto: I wonder how many of his campaign donors are going to squeal because he's using their money for a legal defense fund now.

tbl: harsh! ask madamerouge for some pills.

butchie: see how far not huffing krylon gets you!

aif: so true.

jimmy: mebbe Canadia was lucky in that they didn't need an MLK as badly...

but really, MLK is not just for America, but for the world.

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