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So Dexter's totally been on my jock about the new(est) Doctor Who. Here is where I oblige with some random observations in no particular order:

Special Effects: The Doctor Who franchise has come a long way from the days of Jon Pertwee when, reminiscent of Dark Shadows, a character would, in closing a door, risk toppling the whole wall. Still, the new production values are less Battlestar Galactica and more Nickelodeon kiddie fare. That is to say, not bad, just not so excellent that they scare the under-12 set.

Some of the aliens are downright Farscape.

Characterization & Drama:
Dexter is right. This is a family program, an unusual phenomenon on American television. It's an acquired taste.

What appealed to me as a child does not appeal to me now. Or perhaps the writing of the older DW's was superior to that of the new. Or the truth could be somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, one's tastes change with time. "Just blundering about, happening into weird adventures, without any plan or overarching purpose of my own" [falls through doorway, mugs for audience] "Oh, halloo!": a fun mood when I was a kid, one perfectly amenable to maintaining a sense of wonder. And cute. But too fucking British for me these days. And the humor is a mite broad, a bit too hammy, besides; if a show doesn't feature a crack-addicted midget spreading syphilis and HIV by sharing her polio-wracked body with her Bible-study klatch, chances are I'm not laughing -- or, for that matter, watching. The jamming in of moments intended to be deeply dramatic make the effect all the more jarring.

As an aside, has it ever been satisfactorily explained why the hell a Time Lord picks up random people, chucks them in his TARDIS, and drags them through time and space with him? Is it for company? One of those things I've never quite understood.

Suspension of disbelief: One major gripe: The Doctors have traditionally been outlandish, funny, neuter, and avuncular or grandpafunkular types. Colin Baker's Doctor, though charming and intriguing, was about as sexually attractive as a blighted potato; Tom Baker was ugly as sin, and that was a major part of his appeal. Not so with this ninth installment. Honestly, were I a nubile, blonde 19 year-old chavette, I'd have a damn hard time keeping my stubby, ADIDAS-lacing fingers out of the natty and hotly gawky Chris Eccleston's pants. But that's just me. Nothing wrong with that, but still... All that sexual tension seems to undercut the show's family-friendly pretensions...

IN PERSPECTIVE: I'd actually rate this above the cheesy drudgery Stargate has become of late. And it's a fresh, kid-friendly, less dour counterpoint to BSG. It's better than most of what's out there. Not that that's saying much. But it ain't sayin' nothin', either. I don't know... I might turn it on again, maybe...

APRIL FOOLIO BITCHEZ!!! I'll totally watch it forever. I mean, hello: CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON!

Yeah, not too shabby...

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Did you watch Lexx?

Ugh. Like, once or twice. I didn't see what was all that hot about it. After a few minutes of dialogue I began to wonder if this was the creative outlet of the folks who made those old Mentos commercials.

I totally missed the episode with the crack-addicted midget who spreads syphilis to her bible study group. Is that out on DVD yet?

Alright, I've made it clear that I am now uncomfortable with your profile picture. From now on, you are Lou Rawls in my mind.

Oc course, Tom Baker had to conveniently "fall" at the strart of many episodes, and hit his lip on something.

of course, some aliens find oral herpes attractive....

Besides, can anyone outsex Jim Kirk?

you totally had me going, ya big jerk.

wait till series two, when russell davies drops david tennant on us. brit-girl-journalists are like falling all over each other to watch on sat nights.

I have never been able to get into the eariler incarnations of the Doctor. They always show up at 3Am on MPT and combioned with the fact it has always seemed like I should have watched it from the beginning means that I haven't really watched any. Although the Daleks have always been a neat idea and I can appreciate a good Dalek reference.

Maybe someone will buy me a DVD set of Doctor Who if I create a wishlist? Hmmmm.


Tom Baker was amazing. Leela, hellooooooooooooooo! "Shall I stab him, Doctor?"

"Would you like a jelly baby?"

"Let me use my sonic screwdriver"

Um, what's the opposite of straight?

A note on the sexual tension prevalent in the latest Dr. Who (including the omnisexual references the Dr. keeps tossing at Captain Jack): I'm guessing the Brits aren't quite as stuffy with their sexuality as we Yanks are. They don't reflexively (and hypocritically) cover their kids' eyes and ears at the very hint of non-procreational, extramarital sex (you can find similar repartee even in frickin' Miss Marple episodes! Don't ask me how I know).

Dunno about you, but I find that a bit refreshing.

Don't get me wrong, CS, it's not the tension per se, it's the break with tradition of Doctors being hideous that I object to.

I'm not supposed to get warm, tingly feelings down there for a Time Lord.

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