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Looks like The Korner Kids (or at least, Michael Rubin) have learned how to calculate a hypotenuse:

If the Bush administration does not stand up for its friends in the region, it will soon learn it has none. Willingness to stand up for dissidents is more powerful than any message Karen Hughes can give.

Note not only the sudden obsession with Neila Charchour Hachicha, but the language itself, crafted to give the impression of a gauntlet thrown at the feet of the Bush administration. Now, George was willing to cut short his barbed-wire-stringin' and brush clearin' for Terry Schiavo -- surely he'd jump at the chance to grandstand on behalf of an apparent victim of the subversion of democracy. Right? Well, probably not. And many conservatives who've kept this woman's cause on their back burners, and who are now bringing her to the fore, are counting on this. It could be an out when the Bush's White House implodes, threatening to take the GOP with it.

For some time now Bush has been to movement conservatism what scarves were to Isadora Duncan's neck: a pretty trademark ironically become a deadly liability. Katrina, Abramoff, falsified pretexts for war and the subsequent Mess O' Potamia, Plame, the shrinkage of the middle class and the concomitantly growing gap between rich and poor, the skyrocketing deficit, and, well, Schiavo too, have all taken their toll on Bush and on those who've hitched themselves to him -- meaning just about everyone who calls him or herself a Republican. Since Grand Poobahs Will and Buckley have turned coats, there have been not a few half-hearted efforts to push away from Bush -- one of the most recent being the (demonstrably ludicrous) assertion that he's "Nae trrrooo Conserrvative" because of his spending and counterfeit Wilsonianism.

Finally, though, those with an eye to preserving what little chances there are to save what they can for the Party come election time have figgered out triangumalation. If Bush takes the bait, they'll just find another Neila; as, globally speaking, tinpot dictators as bad as (if not worse than) Saddam Hussein are a dime a dozen, likewise activists for democracy, not to mention those who camoflage themselves as such, are a penny. If he ignores her plight, Cornerites (and perhaps Daniel Pipes) can wash their hands of him, pointing out justifiably (if nevertheless perfidiously) that he failed his own principles.

"If I've lost The Corner, well... I've lost The Corner." But it's a start.

Too bad it won't save them.

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"For some time now Bush has been to movement conservatism what scarves were to Isadora Duncan's neck: a pretty trademark ironically become a deadly liability."

fucking HELL - this is genius.

Oh pshaw.

Hey you said you and the missus had dvds and tapes that you wanted to send -- said you were getting rid of stuff.

Still getting rid of stuff?

I studied triangumalation in college. Come to think of it, I misunderestimated my potential as a scholar.

Empires rise; empires fall. That's my worry (and the worry of a lot of people here, perched precariously on your northern border). After 8 years of dubya, and your debt...

I mean obviously your country has to recover. It just has to. But from an outsider's perspective... I don't know. We just see it getting worse and worse.

"Help me, Jeebus!" - Homer Simpson

"Help us, Obi-wan. You're our only hope." - Princess Leia

help us... Oprah? Hilary? Jeb?

Jeebus, I'm depressed now.

I've got a great idea! Let's run up a huge debt with rampant spending on the military while we run the country for eight to twelve years and then let's claim that we are going to make cuts in the name of fiscal responsibility. We will never raise taxes or reduce military spending, so we'll have to cut something else...hmmmm. Ah yes! Let's start with the Departments of Education and Interior! Why? Well, chronologically, those departments were the most recently formed, so they deserve to be cut. Military spending remains bloated and ridiculous? Well, we need that to keep our people safe. Diplomacy? What the hell is that? GO TEAM REAGAN! or Bush.

I think this is one of your best posts.

The only thing worse is hearing, "Jeb Bush, you are now President of the United States of America."


ptcruiser: aw, too bad. You really could have made your pie higher.

madame: if we crash and burn with Dubya at the helm, that can't be too good for Canada or Mexico, I'll warrant...

chuckles: Can't afford much, much needed missile defense? Cut Head Start!

smarty: aw, shucks. BUt I have done better... I'll have to find them.

ag: long timey no see-um! I've been having to go all reverse-sexist on chuckles all by myself.

Anyway, I'll bet our new sovereign will be Pierce. Or maybe the syphilitic NEil.

i didn't have anything to add to this post until i saw this quote on my google homepage:

"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered."
- Tom Stoppard

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