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Precisely what on Cthulhu's doomed green Earth is the appeal of Gomez? Someone? Anyone?

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I've run "The Blob" through my ILM ReMaster filter. In the new version, leathern teenager Steve McQueen and the other "kids" have a Negro friend name Junebug who is the first to die. Viva la 50s!

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Sing for the terrorists/Sing for the president/Sing...

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I am outraged at Cinemax. I was scrolling down the menu, and happened upon "The Witches of Eastwick". Ooh, goody, I thought: Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon all in one movie! What besides John Waters could be more soothing than this campy recent classic to the palate of a gay man in his late twenties?

I clicked on it, and was immediately treated to some goober's manscaped asscheeks bobbing over jiggling mounds of silicone.

Funny, I don't remember that part.

Turns out, it was "
The Witches of Breastwick".


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Disappeared into thin air: British Sea Power, Louis XIV: we hardly knew ye. Sniff.

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I think Nico was always stretching out those notes because she was so amazed when she finally hit one that she refused to let it go.

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Chaucer doth blogge!

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Margot & The Nuclear So And So's: Unfortunate band name notwithstanding, a perfectly lovely bunch. I'm a sucker for soaring, pretty singing. And their arrangements are none too shabby.

As an aside, I just love how I get crushes on guys when hearing their voices, without even having seen them.

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Man, am I glad I never watched "The Village" in the theatre, nor even ordered it on Netflix. What a piece of hokey, watered-down Outer Limits crud. What's so hot about Shyamalan, anyway?

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Merchant and Ivory really, really, really need to produce an adaptation of Villette, a perennial favorite since high school. The film should be directed by Ang Lee, and should star Rose Byrne as Lucy Snowe.

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Something on the embarrassing yet much-maligned Courtney Love tomorrow.

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I've known Madamerouge for a while and I enjoy your blog a lot. Anyway - drunk here! - read this:

MR and I lov(ed) this columnist, she is now writing for the NYTimes. Anyway...Gitmo etc...MY fav. quote is this:

Graner had what I'd call a bad lawyer, but then I don't work at Fort Hood army base in Texas, which is a bit Uzbek, shall we say. The lawyer, Guy Womack, argued what Graner did isn't torture. After all, he said, U.S. cheerleaders often form pyramids.

I beg to differ. They're not hooded, naked, weeping and showing their perineums . . . oh, I see. It's a fantasy. Is this a guy thing? “[Even] Saddam did not do this to us,” the prisoner told the court in video testimony.

(It's always all about the perineums)

seriously, let me know what you think..........

Why you gotta hate?

Speaking of hating, Troy sucked big donkey perineums. Rose Byrne looks liek a bit of alright, but that movie was lame.

Cinemax and Showtime rarely show any decent movies. I can't remember the last time I watched anything on Showtime and I don't have Cinemax, so...hell, even HBO has been struggling lately. It was all Spiderman2 all the time, then I, Robot and now, I don't even care.

Shit, it's spring and the weather is warming up a little. It is time for me to break out the gear and lose some weight.

tbl: thanks! Anyway, I think Graner should have been hanged from a yard-arm, if only for following clearly illegal orders and putting real soldiers in that much more danger than they're already in. Only I think Rummy should swinging next to him.

chuckles: hating? I critique because I love, not because I hate.

Anyway, yeah, Troy was crap, and is completely irrelevant. My point with Byrne is, the role needs to go to someone who's all right, but whose beauty won't distract from the role -- somebody plausibly mousy, IMHO. While, say, Keira Knightley might be appropriate, she might also be too striking to play the drab little governess.

ANyway, go on, chuckles, feel the burn!

YOU can DO it!!!

How does the blog world end up in the same place so often. I dig the So-So's, I guess they must be rising. They're out of Indianapolis so I wasn't sure they'd ever see the light of day.

I love British Sea Power. Please don't say they're officially dead. Louis XIV was a little much for me but I couldn't decide what to make of the schtick.

BSP is not dead. But as they're on the mid-to-low end of the talent/ingenuity scale, they need to be promoting theyselves a hell of a lot more. Same for Louis XIV -- I was just being facetious -- they're still around. They're schtick is sort of scary if you haven't been hanging around 6th street hipster hang-outs between two years ago and now. The whole "ha-ha I'm such a coked out asshole poseur so what?" vibe.

When we went to see The Village I sat there during the opening and thought, "I wonder if the Big Twist will be as obvious as the one that immediately occurs to me," and it was, and so I hated it. Loved the first couple of reels, but by the end I hated the movie.
  • Posted at 2:10 PM | By Anonymous Robust McManlyPants

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