I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake

Ore : 10:19 AM

Beefcake, that is. 'Cos smarty forced my hand.

Here's a piece for you:

And a piece for you (like how I did that? Still SFW -- barely):

And a piece for you (hope you're detecting a pattern here -- a partial shamrock pattern:

And a piece for
Madame (ya ginger bastard...):

And a piece for me!

Ahhh... Alex!

I'm tired. Taking a nap today, bitchez.

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Comments for I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake
I love you so much, Teh.

So, SO much!!

Thank you!!!

::big smile::

jessica simpson loves the ugly gap faced peoples

Nice photos! :)


....... GREAT PICS !!!!!
  • Posted at 5:53 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Thank you so much for the hottie pics. This girl is lovin' it!

  • Posted at 6:47 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

I Wanna Be The Girl With The Most Cake

What's your point? (snark)

Wasn't that last guy Hamburger?

I love my French Rugby Man!!! Great Pics - making me wish I didn't have three stitches and a hole where 2 teerh once lived in my mouth, if ya know what I mean.

I have no bloody idea what he means.

and all this has what, exactly, to do with dr. who?

What is this? Everyone put pictures of buff guys of their blog week?

I'm going to buck the male/female, straight/gay dynamic and start posting pictures of sexy plants.


Please E-mail me.

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I have questions about how to do it.

Maybe you should be thinking about an FAQ whilst I pummel you with mine dumbitity.

You know, I say I would never pay money for "company" but when I see Frederic Michalak, I have to think again.

More in your she-mail.

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